TODAY IS Friday, June 23, 2017 The Team LTZ website has tracked 5035820 sessions since January 2004
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The LTZ Paintball servers are up and rockin’ as are the LTZ Sports servers! Please visit the LTZ Sports site when you get a chance and check back to the paintball site often as were are going through our paintball website archives to put together the best information for the site! It will take us a week or so to get the paintball site running smoothly but were sure you’ll enjoy some of the old content / memories from TEAM LTZ. Most of the menu links will be up and functioning once we verify each pages content for accuracy and content! but for now - Enjoy! (for now the roster will only show the names of players that actually played an event for the team in 2005. As more archive recaps are posted of each continuing year, the appropriate roster names will be added). Stay tuned.

Note: The picture here on this news page shows TEAM LTZ being presented with the Championship Trophy
at the Huntington Beach NPPL Super 7 event in 2005! There first of three in a row that year! Thats right three Super 7 Championships in a row, an accomplishment only LTZ and team dynasty can claim!

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7/6/2016 - TEST

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