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TEAM LTZ got their feet wet as paintball beginners in 2003 and as you can see from the map above, they have started to lay a solid foundation for this Teams commitment to the sport. Look for big things from them as they jump to the rookie division next year! They finished off their beginner campaign in 2003 with a big young guns Championship win at the Pan Amís final event in Las Vegas!
TEAM LTZ created a path of destruction in 2004 from California to Pennsylvania and everywhere in between as you can see from the map above. The Team set a paintball record by playing in more tournaments than any other team in the history of the sport in 2004, which included over 43 tournaments to be exact *(incl. LTZ Bradys Team). Counting tournaments and practice this Team only saw 4 weekends off the entire year and those were for holidays! In that same year, Team LTZ competed in every major U.S. paintball tournament a feat not yet accomplished by any other rookie team ever. During this amazing run they also won the 5-man PSP Rookie series Title and the Best in the West Rookie series Title.
2005 2005

TEAM LTZ picked up the success right where they left off last year and silenced all of their critics and the other Teams in their division by dominating the competition all year long! In 2005 there were 10 Major US events in Paintball! TEAM LTZ made it to the Championship Game in the first 7 Majors in a row and won 5 of those in a row. Both of those stats are paintball records that have never been accomplished by any other Team in our sport (even in the Pro division). Way to go boys and girls!

The Team won the NPPL SUPER 7 DII SERIES TITLE before the season was even finished and they also cruised to the PSP DII X-BALL SERIES TITLE. Of the 23 events the Team competed in for the 2005 year, they won 14 of those and finished second four times. Note: The Team also captured the 2005 Adrenaline Force Series Season Title, making it a clean sweep of all three series they competed in!

TEAM LTZ made the jump to the Pro ranks this year in paintball two-years ahead of their planned schedule. It was a big decision to make for this young Team but one that was made due to pressure from both leagues. Both the PSP and the NPPL felt it would be best if the Team made the jump up due to their dominance in the previous two-years. Although they ended up earning their spot in the NPPL Pro ranks, an invitation from the PSPís ruling body secured their spot in the NXL! The Teams owner never expected this year to be a successful one for the Team and neither did the Teams sponsors. But success can be judged in many ways! Although Both knew this was going to be building year for the Team, they still surprised a lot of teams with their performance in both leagues! This young Team never quit all year long and continued to work through adversity and a big learning curve. They approached every event willing to learn all they could about their opponents and took plenty of notes with them, which theyíll carry into their long NXL careers. Most of the NXL teams in the league have at least 3 years experience on LTZ and when its LTZís time in a few years, they will be back on top!


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