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In 1970 James Hale of Daisy Manufacturing, invented and patented what would become the first paintball gun. This original paintball gun was manufactured and used by farmers and ranchers for marking trees and livestock.

TEAM LTZ competes in a number of different professional events all over the World!.  Click on a team below to pull up a picture and more information:

■  LTZ 3 Man
■  LTZ 5 Man
■  LTZ 7 Man
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LTZ 3 Man

Did you now that TEAM LTZ is the only team in Paintball to ever grace the pages of Sports Illustrated with a centerfold! December 2004 Sports Illustrated... T

Adam Ellis
Alex Savino
Aly Monroe
Brennan Farmer
Joshua Crowe
Kaarin Schroepfer
Keith Oesterling
Mike Paxson
Neal Williams
Nick Benisek
Riley Sullivan
Roger Farmer
Shane Howe
Shawn Moe
Wade Rice
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