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Aly Monroe from TEAM LTZ     [more]

In 2005 TEAM LTZ made it to the Championship Title Game in the first seven Major tournaments in a row of that season! (There are only 10 Majors in a year!)!

They won the first 3 Super 7's back to back to back, never done before! (Yes not even Dynasty has ever done it! - Dynasty always dropped the Denver event aka third event! And there is no longer and NPPL League)

They also made the Championship Game in the first 4 PSP X-Ball events in a row that year winning two of them back to back!

At one point they had won 5 Major Events in a row that year! - Thats all tall task for any team in any division.!

They locked up the PSP X-Ball and the NPPL Super 7 Division Title Championships well in advance of the season's finale's and even skipped playing the final Super 7 event in their division and stepped up 2 divisions at the last Super 7 event of that year (Commanders Cup was its name for those of you that are new to paintball) and finished 5th against the Pros! Not a bad year at all!


A bit about Less Than Zero

Team Founder Monroe formed the original Less Than Zero Paintball Team in 1987 to compete at local fields in the Las Vegas area. The Team competed in many 5-Man Tournaments on the West Coast and was well known for their help and support in building the Las Vegas Paintball seen in the late 80's.

Monroe played a big role in the development of the first scenario paintball fields in 1987, that were located just East of the sanitation plant in Las Vegas (yes thats 37+ years ago if your doing the math)! Most Teams with a deep history in this sport knew those fields as War Games Paintball owned by a gentleman named Hawk!

These fields became Monroe's home field for his team and their practices. They continued to play there until the early 90's when the team called it quits due to most of the players moving out of state. Monroe hung is paintball guns up for the last time in the fall of 1992 and didn't dust them off again until his daughter Aly decided to take up the sport in April of 2003 and reform the LTZ TEAM!

There's so much additional information to add about the Teams early years, that we could seriously write a book! Keep checking back when ever you find the time as we will be adding a little bit each week. Stay Tuned...

                  Team LTZ won 3 NPPL Super 7's in a row to kick-off one of their NPPL seasons. Those 1st place cups would look great on any shelf! Nice work LTZ...

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